A Time For Thanks!

A Time For Thanks!

November is a great time to teach your kids to be thankful and appreciative.  Most likely many of you will be visiting with friends and family this holiday season, which always calls for our best manners.  This time of year, we all have things to be thankful for that we might take for granted.  Take time to encourage your kids to make a mental list of all the things your kids are thankful for.  I find that car rides are the best times for these discussions, no matter if they are 13 years old or 7 years old.

Another great activity you can use to get your kids to think about what they are thankful for is to start a new tradition and make a “be thankful” Thanksgiving tablecloth.  Just pick up some fabric  markers and an inexpensive tablecloth.  Instruct your kids to write all over the tablecloth the things and people that they are thankful for.  Leave the markers on the table during dinner so adults can add their own Thanksgivings, too.

Being thankful is also a sign of appreciation.  Encourage your children to take the time to thank those around them, even if it’s with a simple “thank-you.”  No matter how we get our kids to count their blessings, it’s always good time of year to remind them and have a discussion about it.  Nothing is more honorable than a child with a grateful heart!

Authored by: Kari Doody

Certified etiquette trainer Kari Doody, owner of Courteous and Cool etiquette School here in the South bay, is teaching kids, tweens and teens manners for the modern world. As a mother of three children, she understands the daily issues we all face as parents. The world may be constantly evolving but , but the basic principals of etiquette still hold strong and true. For more information visit Courteous and Cool Etiquette School.

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