A New School Year = A New Child

A New School Year = A New Child

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What will the new school year hold for your child? Will this be the year your child has the perfect teacher for them? The one that will SEE your child and appreciate their attributes? Will your child blossom with new friends and new learning opportunities? I hope they experience all the above! I’ve been thinking about the same things so, I wrote a letter to my kids that I may just decide to bring out in the future from time to time.

Dear M and T,
As you enjoy the last few weeks of summer, I hope the anticipation of a new school year fills you with excitement. I hope you will become even more of the amazing human beings you already are. Please know that a simple smile can be the start of a new friendship. Try to put more faith into what you have to offer than what others are willing to give you. Be willing to help someone, even when it’s not cool. Find subjects and activities you enjoy and don’t hesitate to ask for help when something or someone challenges you. This is an opportunity to re-invent yourself, not into someone else but into someone that’s a little more brave, willing to try just a bit more and ready to go with the flow, when needed. You have everything it takes to be successful this year; successful in your own way. Dad and Mom are here for you to share in your joy and your sadness and when we aren’t there, use your happycalmchild tools! After all, I created them for you.

Please consider writing your own letter to your children. Share your hopes with them. Hopes and dreams for a young soul finding their place in this world. They need to hear how much faith you have in them and that you trust they will find their way.

Authored by: Michele Pullo

Michele Pullo created happycalmchild out of the needs of her own family and friends to have simple, tangible tools to help our children self-regulate their emotions, focus and ease anxiety. She works with both children and their parents through live and virtual classes, talks, webinars, family workshops and a private family program. She’s combined evidence based stress reduction tools with effective parenting techniques to give parents the support they need. Her experience as the mother of a 9yr old with ADD and a spirited 4yr old keeps her in the trenches with you! Michele’s background working with children, teaching Yoga and Dance along with 25 years of study on Stress Reduction Techniques, Movement for Learning and the Mind/Body Connection helped her create a structured, easy to follow, fun curriculum that gives kids the tools they need while giving parents the results and support they’ve been looking for!

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