7 Ways to Make Your Birthday Kid Feel Special

7 Ways to Make Your Birthday Kid Feel Special

There are things we can do to make our kids feel special on a daily basis, but when it is their birthday, the dayBirthday Girl they graced your life with their presence, it requires a little more finesse. Depending on the age of your child, you can choose how you want to make them feel like royalty on their day. Do one idea, do them all! But try to do something that will set them apart from everyone else.

  1. Breakfast in Bed: Nothing is more fun to wake up to than a simple breakfast in bed on your birthday. Cereal may not be the very best option because you will be washing sheets. But making some cinnamon toast and bacon with a glass of chocolate milk or orange juice on the bedside table makes a great “Good morning, it’s your birthday!” statement.
  2. Cook their Favorite Dinner: Now on the flipside, if you miss breakfast or can’t be home for it because of work, making a nice dinner with the main dish of their choice works too! Make it a point to sit together as a family and go around the table talking about memories of the birthday kid. That is so much more genuine than asking someone to tell their favorite thing about another person. That will make them feel obligated to make something up to feed egos.
  3. Send a Phone Call: See the surprise on your child’s face when they get a phone call that is just for them! Kids don’t often talk on the phone so when a call comes in just for them, they love it! If you go to birthdaydialer.com, they will get you all set up. This is also great for anyone not living close to you but you still want to surprise them.
  4. What About E-Cards: There are some truly hilarious cards out there that can be filled out and sent by email for the honored child. In fact, if you forgot to pick one up for anyone, these are a great alternative. Simply fill in the information required and click send. (After you choose just the right one for them!) Another alternative is JibJab.com where you can paste family faces onto the people or send a funny little video. Even if it isn’t a birthday card, you can put it in your message to make it one.
  5. Custom Photo Book: Who wouldn’t like to be featured in a storybook-like photo album? Taking favorite pictures of your child, you can have them bound in a book on slick pages like a real storybook! You can usually even add text on the pages so you can make it a story all about them. It is a great way to record cute things they say or the things that are favorites to them. Or even better, make up a story to go along with the photos you chose!
  6. Birthday Hat: It is pretty cool to have a crown that makes the statement that it is your birthday. It can say Happy Birthday or something similar, or it can even be a ball cap that they can wear to and from school. One that is flashy and fun and can be used for other children in the home. Re-purpose an old hat or buy one plain and decorate it. Or perhaps they got a hat on their birthday another year before and that is a birthday hat to them.
  7. Party Time: Make it a surprise or let the child help plan the gathering. But break out the plates, cups and napkins with a cake and share it with your closest family and friends. Make some noise for them, make them smile a lot, and build some memories together!

There are a lot of things you can do that don’t cost a fortune and will make your child feel loved and appreciated on that special day of the year. Whether they are one year or adults, as you do something for each child through the year, they start asking if they can help do something for a sibling. In no time at all, it becomes tradition. That’s what families are built upon.

Guest Writer – Jenny Franklin

Jenny Franklin loves planning children’s parties and making kids’ dreams come true. When she’s not planning parties, she does some blogging and writes for the party supplier, 1stbirthdayparty.com.

Authored by: Cathy Alessandra

Cathy Alessandra is a wife, a mother of three, the founder of the Today's Innovative Woman, and the creator of What's Up For Kids, LLC. What's Up For Kids was founded in 1995 based on the need of finding information about local events and activities - all in one place. As a parent, Cathy will help you find the resources you need in an easy to use format within What's Up For Kids. As a business woman, Cathy will help you with all your marketing needs. Cathy was awarded the 2011 Top 50 Momprenuer of the Year award by Babble.com and has been featured on cbs.com and KFWB - Los Angeles as well as being named a finalist in the 2011 Ali Brown Platinum Excellence Awards. Find out more about Cathy at http://www.CathyAlessandra.com

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