5 Steps to Handling Tantrums

5 Steps to Handling Tantrums

TantrumsIf your child falls and hurts themselves, do you go to them?   Tantrums are no different.  They need you just as much.  Tantrums can come from a multitude of reasons;  they didn’t get their way or maybe their feelings were hurt.  Whatever the reason they need you and will get through it quicker if you guide them, all the while teaching them that they are safe and that you’ll love them even if they aren’t perfect.  This will guide them in managing their emotions in the future! 

  1. Move in to them – they need help when they are overwhelmed by such big emotions in their little bodies.
  2. Reflect their emotions- let them know you hear them however ridiculous it may sound; “You are sad that your noodle broke in half, aren’t you?”
  3. Reassure them– “I’m here for you, you are safe and loved”. Allow them to experience their emotions without making them feel wrong for expressing them.
  4. Listen– Let them tell you how they were looking forward to slurping the whole noodle up. Giving them a safe space to cry will be a huge release for them and they’ll learn that they can come through the storm of their feelings just fine.
  5. Gently provide safe boundary ie; consequences.- they may need to hear that it’s not acceptable to hurt anyone, throw anything, etc. Give them a safe outlet; allow them to hit a pillow or jump up and down to release that pent up energy.

If you’re thinking; easier said than done, you are right!   You have no choice but to make your health and well being a priority so that you can be  the adult you need to be for your children.    For most of us parenting is a work in progress.  Never be afraid to “try, try again!”

Authored by: Michele Pullo

Michele Pullo created happycalmchild out of the needs of her own family and friends to have simple, tangible tools to help our children self-regulate their emotions, focus and ease anxiety. She works with both children and their parents through live and virtual classes, talks, webinars, family workshops and a private family program. She’s combined evidence based stress reduction tools with effective parenting techniques to give parents the support they need. Her experience as the mother of a 9yr old with ADD and a spirited 4yr old keeps her in the trenches with you! Michele’s background working with children, teaching Yoga and Dance along with 25 years of study on Stress Reduction Techniques, Movement for Learning and the Mind/Body Connection helped her create a structured, easy to follow, fun curriculum that gives kids the tools they need while giving parents the results and support they’ve been looking for!

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