10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Family’s Habits

10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Family’s Habits

Erin Kurt Spring Family RenewalSpring reminds us of renewal and new life; perhaps even a fresh start. People find that this time of year brings them more energy, enthusiasm and motivation to throw away the old, unused, or meaningless and bring in the new and beneficial. When we look at families, the same thought process can apply. The following quotes are from parents who realized they had formed unhelpful habits and needed to start fresh again.

  1.  “Forgetting to schedule regular time for myself everyday – even if it’s just 10 minutes”
  2. “Forgetting to begin dinner at 5:00pm so that dinner is ready by 6:00pm. Starting later just isn’t working!”
  3. “Forgetting to schedule in a proper date night with my husband. It seems to come last on the priority list, but I miss it.”
  4.  “Forgetting to be consistent with the 4 Tricks. I’ve been mixing my method and yours again. Oops!”
  5.  “Forgetting to shave my legs regularly. I promised myself I would keep up with this and haven’t. I feel better about myself when I do, so I must start again.”
  6. “I have forgotten to state the first Trick you gave me in a matter of fact tone – it’s getting a little wishy-washy again.”
  7. “I’ve been allowing my daughter to get away with, “Okay, I won’t do it again” so that I won’t apply the consequence.”
  8. “We thought we had a flow going with our family activities, but have noticed that we don’t have as much fun time lately. We are going to start using the strategy you taught us again. Thanks!”
  9. “I’ve seen my girlfriends a lot but it’s always with the children, so I must focus on planning children-free time with them.”
  10. “Forgetting to stick to the homework routine. After relaxing on it a bit I realized that my son began making excuses again, so back to the routine we must go! Should never have relaxed – you told me this would happen, but some of us are slow learners!”
  11. The best part about reading these messages is realizing that they DO have the skills and knowledge to get back on track. How empowering! How easy to make the quick change! How wonderful to feel refreshed again. What habits have YOU formed that need a little renewal?
Authored by: Erin Kurt

Erin Kurt is The Working Moms Parenting Coach. Erin combines coaching with specific tools from her Stress-Free Parenting System to help working mothers discipline without yelling, spend quality time with their kids and finally achieve work/life balance, so they can be a stress-free, guilt-free Working Mom. For a FREE Video Series called "8 Secrets to Stress-Free Parenting" go to www.erinparenting.com.

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